Fire Green

by It Was the Elf

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Colin M.
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Colin M. Raw, heavy, groovy, gritty, hard-rocking stoner rock. Reminds me a bit stylistically of Spain's The Shooters - in a very good way. If you like your stoner rock hard n' heavy, do yourself a favor and pick this up now! Favorite track: The mountain's elder.
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released June 21, 2016



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It Was the Elf Guarda District, Portugal

From the Star Mountain in Portugal, the band It Was the Elf wanted to create a sound using all the elements and essence of the mountain.
A Heavy/ Stoner Rock sound that makes you experience the rough and the raw, inputted in all the fuzz and distortion, but also the beauty and ambience of the lonely and stripped wild.
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Track Name: The mountain's elder
Once you´re born and
raised in the mountain
Your eyes will open wider and faster
to be able to see
as you run between branches and stones

As the keeper of this mountain
you always stand tall
Don´t you ever bow to no one
no mosters or deamons you'll fear

Will you walk as a king?
unknown, just a shadow of men
breeder of live above
any kind of destruction

Will you run with the beasts?
unknown, just a shadow of men
just glad for beying free

Once you´re born and
raised in the mountain
you'll only be burned by the sun
the scent of your own flesh
to last for a thousands years

assemble dead leaves on the floor
as your day comes,
hang the heavy key on the strongest branch
you slowly lye down, put your body to rest
Track Name: The ride on the white horse
I took you for a fool, when you assured me that some day i would loose
i used you as a tool, as a patch to cover up all of my wounds

"you're tripping " she said
"but are you better off?"

"Just enjoy the ride, while this ride goes
when the high goes down it will be just you and me johny boy"

You got this far, oh, but this is as far as you go
now i have to let your hand go
kiss heroin goodbye

this is the end, the bid farewell
when the high goes down it will be just you alone
Track Name: Nomads
wandered for years and years
in this giant made of stone
but barely, scratched a half of this land

Slowly walking
along this trail, until the giant's mouth
once again,we're going to gather the coldest wind

at his feet, a hellish fire
turning forest in to just raw earth
it has to be blown away

We're trying that at every dawn
The wind call for the rain to fall
To put out all the embers

We're nomads traveling since the beginning
before i can even remember
Fearless, all for a greener land
So life can grow and endure

Another day begins
in this giant made of stone
still, barely scratched a half of this land

Slowly walking
along this trail, until the giant's mouth
once again, we're going to gather the coldest wind
Track Name: Long time no see
Step on my back now that i am down
for i once was a bigger man that i am now
And there was just a handfull of other men
that could try to take me down

We all get to fail, but don´t always get a second try
We don´t get to quit, no you just can´t quit

Step on my back now that you know that i´m not getting up
But once you're done with me, just know
that you´ll have to carry me home
on your arms, carry me and just leave me be

We all get to fail, but don´t always get a second try
We don´t get to quit, no you just can´t quit

You may leave me there, though nobody´s home
for i was never missed, i suppose
and if so
I wasn´t supposed to be back home

We all get to fail, but don´t always get a second try
We don´t get to quit, no you just can´t quit

My god, long time no see
how longer, can easily turn into forever
my god, long time no see
I'm right back where i used to sing
Track Name: Witchburn
they are letting the sun
rise just once more
on the day after tomorow
they will claim the final war spoils

The preacher preaches his truth
our heares end up hearing
and right before our eyes
stories rip pages apart

if you threat humankind
and they´ll turn into the fire
and a witch trial fast
turns into dead wood

as always the stench prevails
seem that the preacher was rong
a lesson that they'll forget
when ashes turned into the earth

the preacher screamed heresy
there was to be a witch burn
Track Name: Words of wisdom
life is short, you know
and you got to live it up
gather your friends and enemies
they will let you know

there's no rhyme or reason for this life
only this unstoppable constant motion
'cause death is a surprise party
it just couldn't be other way

for the times that you have to draw some blood
now you make it damn worth
just save your breath and save your tears
tonight we celebrate life

yeah, we celebrate life

hold my hand high, where my head lies
this day will last, right until we die

no one will rip this smile of my face
and when the sun burn your eyes
keep them closed, you keep them closed
and i will lead the way
Track Name: When beasts colide
kill the lights and light up the torches
flames that won't be seen from the other side
shining goblin teeth and no eyes witches
are making they're way towards the woods

it's time to go on my son
you will have to grow along the way
'cause this harsh mountain will still burn
when the beasts collide

we all want to stay the same
but as old we get further we become
in just what we think we are
in who we were

when the beasts collide, you just stay on my side
if you ever fall, we'll burn by your side

the winds will change, and maybe we'll too be caught in the flames
but after all, even if the sun doesn't rise
still, life will paint this mountain green
Track Name: One eyed king
This is a big if,
But what if i go rogue?
So i did it
yes i did the unthinkable

and took the crown
when you pretend that you can see
to rule the blind
And easily make everyone

howling for a king

In the land of blind, a one eye man is king

So "When I go on the mountain
and I say "Do it!",
And if it doesn't get done,
then I move on it.
And that's the last thing
in the world you want from me!"

'cause all they know and so they scream
A crown to the king